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Workshops and Training for Increased Stress Tolerance
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Sometimes, just changing your perspective is enough to see things clearly.

Getting upset is for beginners. Pros take a moment to breathe.

Whether it’s about increasing physical performance, personal stress tolerance, or overcoming our own (emotional) limits – nothing helps if we run out of breath.

With the right breathing technique, we can move mountains that are otherwise unmovable.

Photo shows Rafael breathing with a workshop participant

Hi, I’m Rafael, and I breathe every day.

My journey to what I do today wasn’t straightforward.

After the Wim Hof Method changed everything for me back then, I made it my mission to offer others exactly what it was for me: the path to a self-determined life.

Klaus S. says:

Every experience enriches me because I am constantly amazed at the effects conscious breathing can have.

Rafael masterfully leverages his professionalism to introduce us to this fascinating topic. I’m already looking forward to the next opportunity to participate.

Petra F. says:

Rafael takes me and the whole group on an incredibly light and incredibly sympathetic journey into the world of the Wim Hof Method. At all times throughout the workshop, I felt exceptionally well taken care of.

Rafael explains things clearly, guides all participants with great sensitivity and extensive knowledge throughout the day. I wholeheartedly recommend him 100%!

Günther S. shares:

Rafael welcomed us very lovingly and created a space where we could let go. Rafael provided us with the security needed to embark on such a journey.

Our small group quickly bonded through Rafael’s empathetic nature, allowing us to openly share our experiences during the breathing session and ice bathing.

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