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Here you can directly book a workshop on Transformative Breathwork or the Wim Hof Method.

“Breathe deeply to bring your mind home to your body.”

(Thích Nhất Hạnh)

Wim Hof Method Workshops

If you’re ready to take the literal and metaphorical “leap into cold water,” sign up directly for a workshop or a Wim Hof breathing journey here – you’ll find the dates when you click the button.

What other participants say:

Jörg K. says:

Rafael is a very competent and attentive trainer. I felt very comfortable in his workshop, and his enthusiasm for the Wim Hof breathing method was contagious.

After several months of regular practice of the WHM, I can only confirm the many positive effects. I wholeheartedly recommend Rafael!

Pamela M. says:

Rafael has a charming, humorous, and wonderfully relaxed way of conveying and connecting theory and practice.

Through his attentive, caring, cheerful, and lively manner in guiding the group through the Wim Hof workshop, I immediately felt extremely comfortable. In every moment of the breathing meditation and the first ice bath, I felt completely safe and deeply trusted that I was in good hands.

Katarina B. shares:

For those looking to develop and grow, I highly recommend Rafael’s Wim Hof Fundamentals Workshop. During the course, I experienced one high after another: an inspiring experience that has enriched me profoundly.

My initial apprehension about the ice bath quickly gave way to curiosity and granted me transformative hours. Thanks to Rafael’s expertise and broad knowledge on the subject, I felt very comfortable.


Transformative Breathwork Journeys

The breathwork journeys usually last 60-90 minutes, and participants should plan for 2 hours in total. Breathwork is not a substitute for medical or psychotherapeutic treatment if indicated.

Journey for releasing the 5 primary trauma imprints

In this breathwork journey, the 5 primary trauma imprints are addressed.

Trauma always manifests as a reaction, not as a memory.

All challenging feelings and emotions are emotionally processed by our body, forcing us to relive them, to feel the pain again.

What are the 5 primary trauma imprints?

  1. Premature separation from love
  2. Primary abandonment
  3. Primary rejection
  4. Primary shame
  5. Primary absence of presence

In this breathwork journey, you get the opportunity to dive into these feelings and resolve them.

Journey for stress and anxiety

This breathwork journey allows you to bring thoughts and emotions to the surface that cause you daily stress, depression, or overwhelm, so you can let them go.

Journey for reprogramming the subconsciousness

In this breathwork journey, the aim is to pause the monkey mind and give space and strength to your true self. With this breathing technique, activity in the prefrontal cortex is reduced, and the heart rate is guided into theta waves. The breath connects us with deep aspects of ourselves, allowing us to recharge and refuel our energy.


Journey for full system reset

The goal of this breathwork journey is to clean up the system from the ground up.

In this breathwork journey, you create a space to step out of the hectic pace of life, to return to your center, to feel yourself, to detach your attention from all the distractions of daily life, and to be with yourself, experiencing what truly matters to you. In this space of absolute clarity, you recharge your strength.

Journey for self-love and forgiveness

This breathwork journey is aimed at you and how you treat your own self.

Approximately 85% of the world’s population report feeling low self-worth, with half of all women worldwide experiencing more self-doubt than self-love. How do you react when you make a mistake? Where does this harshness towards yourself and this unattainable self-image come from?

The reasons are diverse and personal, but there are some universal ones:

Perfectionism – we’re not good enough Judgment – our mistakes are too big to forgive Guilt – I carry my mistakes with me until I’m worthy of letting them go Suppressed and repressed emotions – I bury my baggage to avoid facing it

This often happens unconsciously, through repression, but also consciously, through self-punishment.

In this breathwork journey, you create the space to clean up and let go, and to create a self-image that loves you.

Journey for awakening

Embark on a journey to break free and awaken your true self. Free yourself from the self-imposed prison that holds you back from being. Liberate yourself from constructs and lies that lie dormant in every society, have nothing to do with you, yet block and define you! Unleash your confidence in yourself and feel your inner, innate knowledge.

Any more questions or requests for a breathwork journey? Just text me!

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